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Day tours

Day tours

A full day game drive in Arusha National Park


After breakfast, drive to Arusha National Park. Described as a “gem amongst parks”, Arusha NP lies between the peaks of Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru, and it is remarkable for its variety of habitats, from montane forests, wetlands, acacia woodlands, to volcanic craters. The area is home to herds of a good number of African mammals such as Cape buffalos Giraffes, Waterbucks, Red duikers, Colobus monkeys, et cetera, and nearly 400 species of birds. The beautiful Momela Lakes offers spectacular view of Mt. Kilimanjaro with flocks of flamingos and other waterfowls at your disposal. This is also always a nice introduction for those embarking on a more days of Tanzania Safaris. Few hours hike in the park could add so much to your experience! After an amazing day in the Park, drive back to your place of stay to enjoy your evening with many superb memories!

Day tours

A Day Hike on Kilimanjaro


After breakfast, with picnic lunch, drive to Kilimanjaro National Park for few hours hike on the mountain. The name Kilimanjaro is a metaphor of the compelling beauty of East Africa and one of the continent’s most magnificent sights, the summit of Africa! A trek up lures hundreds of trekkers each year, bound to the top. There is so much to Kili than the summit. A day trip to Kilimanjaro NP provides an opportunity to see the snows of Kilimanjaro and experience the “Roof of Africa” on feet, with a few hours hike. Along the trail, lies a huge montane forest that gives life to a variety of animal species such as the endangered Abbot’s duikers, elephants, buffalos, primates, et cetera. This is also a rewarding experience for those with limited time to the top and an excellent start for an African Safari. On descent, you board a safari jeep and drive back to your place of stay.

Day tours

A full day game drive in Tarangire National Park

From Arusha, you drive to spend the day exploring Tarangire National Park, the park famous for its exceptional large populations of elephants and the numerous giant baobab trees. The Park drives its name from the Tarangire River, which is the lifeline of a 30’000 sq km ecosystem, particularly in the dry season. It is the diversity of habitats that makes Tarangire such a superb wildlife sanctuary. In addition to big herds of elephants, the Park is best known for its herds of fringe – eared Oryx, African Cape buffalos, and the rarer mammals such as wild dogs, lesser Kudu and the elusive Leopards to mention a few. More than 350 species of birds have been recorded in Tarangire. Your visit to Tarangire will surely give you an experience like no other! Late afternoon, you drive back to Arusha.

Day tours

A full day game drive in Lake Manyara National Park


In the morning you depart from Arusha and drive across Maasai Steppe to the base of the Great Rift Valley to start your game run in Lake Manyara National Park. With its 330 sq.kms, the Park has been termed as a “Scenic Gem” in its own right! Manyara, like Arusha NP is fairly densely forested, with underground water springs that give life to many. From the gate, one is taken by the vegetation zonation from a huge forest, acacia woodland, open grasslands, marshland and a lake itself with the western wall of the East African Escarpment buffering the park from the Ngorongoro Highlands. The park is famous for its tree climbing lions that are seen hanging on tree branches during the day. One should expect to come across populations of mammals such Elephants, Waterbucks, Giraffes, buffalos, Impalas, Warthogs and even Leopards, et cetera, that would keep your visit really enchanting! Birdlife in this park makes it another paradise, a superb place for bird lovers too! The Park will truly exhaust your day cheerfully before a drive back to Arusha.

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